American Wealth Builders Network

Learn The Skills & Strategies For Building Wealth In A Supportive Community of Like-Minded People.

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We bring together entrepreneurs & people interested in financial independence to learn the skills & strategies required to transition from having a job/profession to running a business so that we can live well today and leave a strong financial legacy for the next generation.

Here are a few things that make our community special.

We Are Real Business People.

Our group is comprised of people that have made a commitment to master the skills & strategies required to start & run a successful business.

We Share Resources and Business Connections.

In business, it's "who" you know that matters.  Our members have developed strong relationships banks, vendors, business attorneys, CPA's, accountants, bookkeepers, tax strategists, marketing professionals and every other resource required to succeed in business.  We share our contact lists within the group.  We even introduce these industry leaders to our members on our private member-only Mastermind Sessions.

One Network.  Multiple Communities.

We know that there are many roads that lead to wealth.  Our network is comprised of private communities dedicated to specialties like Home-Based Businesses, Real Estate Investing, Note investing, Private Lending, Affiliate Marketing and more.

We're Well Funded. 

As a group we control more than 150 million dollars in cash, equity and assets all across America.  By working together, we're able to do business in ways that we couldn't take on as individuals.  We believe in abundance, not scarcity.  We appreciate and value the contributions that each of us can bring to the network.

We Learn And Grow Together.

We know that financial freedom and wealth creation start in the mind. In order to master our skillset we take learning very seriously.  Our network provides video based training covering every foundational aspect of wealth creation.  Additionally, we conduct private Mastermind Sessions where we provide group coaching & training.
We recommend books, webinars, podcasts and live events that are designed to sharpen the skills of our members.

Deep Dive Master Classes.

We conduct regular live sessions where we take a deep dive into specific aspect of wealth creation. These expert-level classes are designed to shorten the learning curve, sharpen your skills and boost your confidence by sharing insights & strategies that would otherwise take decades to learn and master.

We're In It For The Long-Run.

We understand that creating wealth is a long game.  We are not focused on "get rich quick" schemes.  We implement wealth building systems that are proven to work.  Our commitment is to consistently make measurable progress towards our goals. 

We're All About Cash Flow.

While our emphasis is on cash flow from real estate related assets, we encourage members to keep an open mind for non-real estate related cash-flow opportunities that make sense and are in alignment with long-term goals.

We Are Creating Generational Wealth.

Our members understand that every family needs a financial leader, someone that will "step up" and make a difference. Our members are committed to becoming the difference maker within their family and to teaching financial intelligence to the next generation.

We Are A Family.

Our members share so much that it feels more like family than a network of business owners & investors. We not only share knowledge and information, but we also share our hopes, dreams, ideas and resources because we know that when we encourage and help one another, we all win.
There is so much more that I could say about our community but I suggest that you join us and experience it for yourself.
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